On June 3rd, I watched the movie Wonder Woman. It was an amazing experience, and it got me thinking. Every time I watch a superhero movie, I always wonder how it would be like to be a super powered individual. Many people have probably wished that they were superheroes. I am sure most people have, at least once in their lives, dreamed of having a certain superpower that would make their lives a bit better. Whether that power would be invisibility or the power to stop time, it would definitely come in handy.

Various moviegoers and cinephiles have professed that in the past 10 years, we have been living in the ‘golden age’ of superhero movies. With Marvel Studios and Warner Bros., releasing multiple superhero fiction films based on their comic book franchises, the genre is going strong. However, I sometimes contemplate about how accurate these films portray such amazing abilities. Then I ask myself the question: would having a superpower really be as cool as the movies make it out to be?

For instance, let us look at invisibility. Specifically with reference to sight. Eyes work by capturing the light that is focussed on them – in the retina. The light has to enter the eye, be refracted, and be converted by the retina into neuronal signals; then after other biological processes, it I interpreted by the brain as an image. What am I getting at? If you were invisible, light would not be captured and refracted by your eyes, it would rather pass right through them, which would render you blind.


The power to stop time: It seems like it would come in handy. Every time you feel like you are going to be late to a certain place, you would just stop time and walk/drive at your own pace and still arrive on time. However, one should also consider the fact that all perceivable matter that exists; exists in the time – including oxygen. Which means that every time you would stop the progression of time, oxygen particles would also stop making it impossible for you to breathe.


Therefore, as glamorous and as fantastic as the movies make superheroes look, we should all remember that it is just fiction. Although some superhero movies may contain emotional depth, social commentary and technical brilliance, among other things; it is essential to stay cognizant of the fact that they are a form of escapism. And also, go and watch Wonder Woman. It’s great.


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